The Fed's IORB and ON/RRP constitute yet another stealth Wall Street bailout unsanctioned by Congress and ignored by Wall Street-owned corporate media
After the Fed abused the world reserve currency by printing more than 80% of all USD under the guise of pandemic relief, the first international bank…
The stonk market is not the economy, no matter what they tell you on CNBC
Meanwhile, the Fed sparks a market rally & fails to shrink the balance sheet properly
Of course, the actual uberdove Powell FED is worrying about a 0.75% hike that's one-tenth the size currently required simply to move real rates to…
TLDR: "We thoroughly investigated ourselves, undertook zero analysis, and find we did nothing wrong"
FED had no clear authority for $2.7 Trillion in illicit residential mortgage-backed securities and refuses to cease purchases despite record inflation…
FED independence is a total farce while firms like BlackRock run America vicariously through it
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